Thursday, June 28, 2007


its been to long since i've updated this, our move from Long Beach, CA to Bainbridge Island, WA has become a bigger beast than anticipated. we have been here 45 days, and still, we have a ton of boxes yet to be opened. during this acclimation, we have managed to create a 1/2 working studio in the new house, finish some outstanding deadlines and orders, and managed to meet some new peeps in the puget sound. i'll be uploading some great video's and photos of the place, studio, getting down lumberjack style, etc...

i'd like to inform everyone that the "Metamorphosis Orchestra" print is now available in my store. there are only a handful of these left. its a phenomenal deal for the size, # of colors and quality of this print. it nearly looks like the original painting, excluding the burnt umber aging process i do in nearly all my paintings.