Thursday, July 30, 2009

Permanent wood installation @ Together Gallery, Portland, OR

Yesterday was too damn swampy to get anything done in the studio(105 degrees in portland)so at the last minute I decided to create a wood installation @ together gallery while enjoying some AC. The install reflects the theme of the show and the vibe of the gallery. Looks like a wood quilt, and will now be permanently displayed @ together gallery. The wood bonsai is a sculpture done by my brother the architect guru.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"WOOD" show @ Together Gallery, Portland, OR

WOOD @ Together Gallery
2916 NE Alberta, Suite A
Portland, OR. 97211
Opening reception: Last Thursday July 30th 6-10 pm

Here's a little taste of my work for the show this thursday. Its about 22" x 30", the wood is all malaysian kuring wood, with model trees on top. "Polypropylene Detritus"

Other artists showing:
APAK, Amy Ruppel, J. Shea, Seth Neefus, Mark Warren Jacques, David Wien, Theo Ellsworth, Timothy Karpinski, Justin "Scrappers" Morrison, Ryan Bubnis, Nas Chompas, Tom Keating, Nick Harris, Amanda Wallgraf, Gabe Bacon,
Nick Musso, Jason Rens, Molly Purnell, Erik Otto, Jonathen Edelhuber, Les Ramsey, and Brandon Hogg.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tron Legacy Comic-Con TRAILER in HD! VFX Test for 2009 Movie

I'm speechless. The original Tron was a groundbreaking film that did poorly in theaters but quickly became a cult classic. It was a couple years ago I read they were doing a NEW film, NOT a remake. Its been painful knowing they're working on this and not seeing any trailers. This was debuted at the comic con last week. It looks like another ground breaking film, and have read they are using the same camera/technique as in James Camerons "Avatar". Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, the film Avatar will be revolutionizing the film industry and the VFX that have been created. Only a handful of directors and producers have seen the footage and can't believe what they see.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ghostly INTL iPhone App

I'm addicted to my iPhone and love the availability of apps. I'm also BIG fan of electronic music so when a recent Tweet popped up last night from @moodgadget recordings promoting a free app that streams all Ghostly INTL music I immediately downloaded it. Pick a color based on your mood, then choose an organic or digital vibe, and lastly set the pace, slow or fast, and now you are ghosted with a playlist you can save for later if you choose.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Food for inspiration

My wife came across this image the other day. This says so many historically beautiful yet awkwardly haunting stories. Who ever the artist was who created this gets my genius of the year award. I'm especially attached to this since I have a life scale faux version of one of those Qin dynasty terracota soldiers. It reminds me to appreciate individuality and the people who surround you who enrich your life.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Society 6

Several months back I was exposed to the Society6 website through one of my gallerists. It took me a second to understand the vision to this site, but with a little time and abstract thinking it is now my favorite creative networking site out there. What sets them apart from all others is that they have an exceedingly accessible grant system that you can apply for and garnish nominations through the network. They go a step further with hosting some of the brightest and progessive studios, companies and publications offering a leg up to aspiring creatives. Now what really puts this site over the top is the seamless interface and design. Its also generous with image size content, a polarization from numerous others with snooty miniscule icons, artwork and typography. I have discovered so many unseen talent through their unique chart system. Users "promote" posts that will after a certain number of votes land them on the home page or one of the coveted "curators" section.

follow me here:

Reality/contest show for artists bound to happen.

A couple years back, my wife and I went into great detail discussing the inevitable, a show similar to project runway but supported by emerging artists. Well, its happening. Call it wondrous potential, unequal exposure, or a career killer for artists, I will be watching this show. The missing ingredient will surely be the flamboyant and emo fashion designers creating conflict on the show. Bravo TV is accepting applications in 4 cities, LA, NY, Miami, & Chicago. See link below for all the information.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Patti Astor's Fun Gallery

Portland Artists

Since making my new home in Portland, OR about 7 months ago, the local art walks have been a regularity for me every month. With 3 walks within a week of each other, by the last one one I'm pretty exhausted but brimming with inspiration.

First, is the last thursday in NE on NE Alberta. This is actually more street fair than artwalk, far more bohemian, vibrant and DIY. The city closes the street with hundreds of vendors on about 10 blocks. One of the must go to galleries is the Together Gallery. They show a lot of local talent and display mostly progressive folk art. Seth and Timothy, both brilliant artists, are genuine dudes who run a very passionatte gallery. I love how anyone can just pick a squat and sell their art or crafts on the sidewalk.

The second, first friday, takes place in the Pearl District in downtown. This has more of the conservative, bigger and "safer" galleries. Where it does host a lot of what i call "sofa art", photography and other respectful openings, there are a few gems down there. Upper Playground PDX, Compound Gallery, Igloo Gallery.

Lastly is first friday. Held on E Burnside, this hosts numerous little boutiques, and several galleries with a young, experimental, and playful vibe. One of my regular galleries I frequent is the Breeze Block Gallery. Paige, the owner and curator sells a handful, but potent art & graff related products. She is always a delight to see and is the reel deal when she displays here passion for the arts.

I'll be doing my best from now on to show the best and brightest art from the future artwalks. But for now, I'd like to share some of the secret talent that resides here. On my first walks I was really blown away by the integrity many posses. Coming from LA, I was very used to artists who are to enveloped in the notoriety and fame. I don't find that with the local scene, it and it is a welcomed breath of fresh air. Below are some of the artists I've been taken back by.

Nas Chompas

Meg Adamson

Keenan Havens


Joe Shea

Tom Keating

Sheldon Skillie

Mark Warren Jacques

Brent Wick

Paige Saze

Catherine Schaper

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Home stretch on the Nestkeepers

Its been almost exactly 3 years to the date when a friend and I set out to create some original sculptures. I debuted some of these at a solo show in philly in june 2006. They were received well and flew off the wall. Never did I think it would be 3 years later when they would be completed. I just have a couple more days to add final touches on these and I'll upload them into my webstore.