Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nestkeepers Completed

Its exactly 2 years to the day when I completed the first 8 of these, I have finally completed the remainder 22. These were done with an Otis Alumni brother, Daniel Garcia from the Toy department. I sculpted the prototype, and then he applied his talents with the wax pen on the second cast, then the 2 of us casted the finals together. I then hand painted each one and added sculptural elements like manzanita branches, birds, nests etc., to make each one totally unique. Its a solid silicon cast, each one is about 5" tall - 10" tall.

I've also posted the painting my little darlings were inspired by.

The final photos are at this link below and are now available.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


unless you've been sailing around on the pacific on a raft with wilson for the last year, james cameron's film AVATAR is about to revolutionize film making all over again. the teaser trailer has been published online:

Society 6 + SXSW

With the profound respect and pleasure I have for and using Society 6, its important that all you artists and designers are informed about a possible panel representation at SXSW the Society 6 crew is striving for. They need your vote, and maybe even a comment if you truly support the arts. Here's more from Justin Cooper, one of Society 6's co-founders:

Hey everyone, we need your help to secure a spot for Society6 at SXSW in March! We're going to be inviting a few of you to join us, along with as many people as possible that will increase our chances of charming the big wigs over at SXSW into giving Society6 and our friends the stage to share what we're up to.

Our plan is to head on over to Austin and spread the word as far and wide as possible in hopes of bringing home more opportunities for the members of Society6.

So we're counting on each of you to please help us ensure that Society6 gets the visibility that we all need!

If you can only do the minimum to support us here, please simply go to the SXSW panel picker page and please give us both the thumbs up AND drop a comment for the SXSW committee to see that we really are doing something unique to help the world's artists:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dan Hopkins Collection Show

I stumbled upon this over the weekend and really wish I could be there. Several years back I had the pleasure of making Dans acquaintance and having him over at the studio in Long Beach, CA. He and I kept in frequent contact over 2005 & 2006, He has an overwhelming appetite for art and his true passion for it is a contagious trait. If you are near Rhode Island or can make the trip, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you visit this private collection that will be at the Montanaro Gallery for a short while. Opportunities like this rarely come along, so take advantage.

via northeast surfing
visit below for more info

some of my work in dans collection:

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Big Up Magazine Feature

I might be a little delayed on this news, but a great magazine that features the counter culture world did a little article on my work a 2 months ago. I was really surprised to see the quality of the paper stock in this zine and generous image sizing. Big Up is a bi-monthly magazine, so this issue still might be on shelves. Or if the economy has your balls in a vise, you can read the article with the large images I posted. Don't ever say I didn't give you anything.


Monday, August 03, 2009

A spontaneous trip to the river

Our neighbors dragged us out of the house on Sunday just when I was going to work in the studio. I'm glad they did. 30 minutes away from portland we arrived on the Washougal river at this gorgeous lagoon. The dogs had a blast, Athena, our chihuahua learned to swim for the first time. This place was a little slice of paradise on a perfect Sunday.