Thursday, July 31, 2008

one of my favorite bands did this music video years ago. SUBTLE, an LA based band who's music is unclassifiable. i always find this song so hypnotic and the video incredibly inspiring. i believe, FKO, stands for fuck kelly osbourne. i've been watching this video over and over again for years and it ripens well..

one of my most missed and favorite activities in Long Beach, is beach cruising. this IS beach cruiser country, it always cracks me up seeing fixed gear bikes here. after saving up, i finally got the bike i've wanted for years. this was one of the first cruisers i saw at FELT's warehouse when i began working with them over 3 years ago. what is so great about FELT cruisers is that they are extremely well designed and made, and they always portray a great concept for each bike...

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Monday, July 28, 2008

i know its a cruddy photo, i'll take a better one later. that ring below is my wedding ring. we had the rings commissioned by our good friend and talented designer, jill redman of blue poppy jewelry. both rings have an ebony wood inlay, with 2 custom colors/spice resin pours and a significant number of dots that reflect our lucky numbers. both are made of silver. we don't believe in diamonds, and other rocks because of the volatile history and uncertainty that they were processed legally. it was more important for us to know that these are 2 completely unique rings and there are none others like them in the world.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008


thank you all who attended the VANS/SNO•CON mural project unveiling last saturday. the event was for sure a memorable one and am thrilled to see one of my pieces has a permanent home in seattle. we just uploaded ltd giclee prints of the piece in the store. I have to extend a huge and hearty thanks to my brother brandon who rendered the epic bonsai section, and my assistant, brian call who helped in numerous spots, but especially the angler fish.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

would love to see all my puget sound peoples at this event....

Blaine Fontana Vans Mural Unveiling
a 20' x 4' mixed media board installation
Snowboard Connection flagship store
saturday, july 5th
263 Yale Ave. N, Seattle WA 98109(across from REI)

i'll  be around to sign and sell ltd. edition giclee' prints of the VANS mural, exhibition of  previous works, signing books, and other posters and prints.