Tuesday, September 23, 2008


its my pleasure and honor to announce my second collaboration with derrick brown, friend, acclaimed poet, magician, 82nd airborne, gondolier, fired weatherman, and a constant source of inspiration. i have recently finished this piece exclusively for a print run he'll be offering on his poetry tour(18" x 24" on semi matte photo paper). those of you who made it out to my "butterfly knife sonatas" solo show in escondido, CA 2006 know how brilliant he is when he did a reading at the gallery. check for him in your town, you'll leave speechless.


i've recently completed my first and very ambitious album cover/booklet project. the album project, "Razia's Shadow" is ambitious in its production and number of musicians on the album. i was asked to create a character of each band member as their alter ego in this fantastic story of 14 or so members. they each act out their character in their song. i took inspiration from ralph steadman, but added an anthropology field journal approach to it with the neutral tones and sepia backgrounds.