Thursday, November 16, 2006


just completed a new 6' x 6' painting for my solo at the fift24sf gallery on DEC 7th. below is a timlapse of the painting.


4mount said...

LOVE LOVE this piece and I'm going to go to the show in LA on Dec 10th and look forward to checking out your art in person. I first discovered you a year ago I travel so much I haven't had the chance to see your art in person. I love so many of your pieces hopefully the right one will be there waiting for me:) You inspire me!!!!

4mount said...

Sorry just got dates wrong. I have to wait till Jan 20th in LA can't make it up to San Fran:(

Neil Yarnal said...

I love the walrus piece, it's absolutely beautiful. I love all your work, it's really inspirational.

-Neil Yarnal