Wednesday, July 25, 2007

on the rare chance i seem to take some time off i've been enjoying the island immensly and some new activities to decompress. my brother and i find time to do some archery in our meadow in the evenings, beach cruiser rides on the loop in battle point park, my lady researching on the hammocks and 4th of july on the deck creating a custom 10' table made out off 4" x 10" s. i have also finally been reaquainted with my love for bonsai, i'll upload some picks of those soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Blaine - it has been a long time.
We hope you all are very happy in your new home. Eric and I are well and still in the Detroit area - our house has come a long way. We purchased a beautiful little place in northern Michigan - like you we have been rediscovering the outdoors - and the dogs are in heaven. I just graduated and finally taking a break from college for a while - Best of luck to you.

Jen and Eric