Wednesday, August 29, 2007

what a feeling to finish 31 new paintings....

looking forward to seeing you all you east coasters soon...


scotterickson said...


my name is scott erickson and i'm local in seattle. i've been following your work for the last few years and it's been awesome to watch you grow and change and all that jazz. your work has been a great inspiration to me actually.

i myself am a full time painter... only for the last three years or so. i find myself in a lot of change right now... applying for a grant for grad school, figuring out my style and what i want to do... a lot of artist growth stuff, you know?

i was actually going down to california in october and i was going to see if i could get a hold of you just for a chat. a great hero painter of mine said that if the people you admire are still alive, go and find them and get a chance to talk to them.

i totally value people's rights to privacy and such... and i can guarantee you i am not strange or wierd or anything... well.. i am a painter. but besides that, it would be a great honor for me if some time in the near future... if you had some time, if i could come over and grab coffee, lunch, or beer with you over on bainbridge island. i just live in seattle.. by green lake actually... so it's not a big hassle for me. i'm really interested in your processes and the way you see things... but mostly would like to hear your story about how you got to where you are.

thanks for you time. you can comment back to me on my blog or just email me at



Junkyard Sam said...