Wednesday, December 05, 2007

we have just finished our brand new, completly overhauled new website. A new shopping cart system, 3 new prints, and we finally are processing international orders for the first time. You'll also notice that we have published numerous images that have never been published before, installation photos, commercial projects and pieces of art.



Anonymous said...

great new site, thanks for shipping internationally. had a little trouble clicking on the second new print.

Blaine Fontana said...

we have fixed the problem yesterday(12/11/07),

stuff said...

Sweet Blaine!!! love your stuff. You always step it up. I am really digging your new painting techniques with printing. Its always a blast to see artist taking there style and technique to the next level.

I have a question,what kind of fish eye lens do you use to take photos of your studio? Is it a simple atachment on your camera?

Thanks for all the insperation,


Blaine Fontana said...

thanks ash,

i'm using a fuji finepix 7000 camera with a $60 wideangle lense attachment. if you are on a tight budget you can find any wide angle lense and just hold it over the camera to create the same effect...

stuff said...


Awesome thanks for the reply. I will try and keep up with your shows so I can meet you some time. I made it out to a few of your shows but missed the opening nights.

I noticed that you work with non profits, it would be awesome to work with you on some projects in the future.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Hey Blaine! Didnt know you moved back up here already. You are about a mile from my parents' place - theyre down by the ferry.

If you're even in pioneer square give me a ring - i'm in the tashiro kaplan artists lofts.

enjoy the trees


Joshua Clay said...

Beautiful new site bro!!!

Its about damn time hahahaha ;p