Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i just added a poll on the side bar of this blog. for our next print release, i am letting fans pick the artwork. this will be the first large format print, around 24" x 30". below are the 4 pieces i had in mind...PLEASE VOTE!!

"44 Silvia"

"Sakuras Retreat"

"The Avant Garden of Midnight Marauders"

"Pileated Nylon"


Josh Nix said...

How do i vote their all so good.

yoskay said...

it's hard to decide but i like 44 silvia:)

adrian said...

Mr. Fontana - you are my hero!
All four are great, but it's def between "44 Silvia" and "The Avant Garden of Midnight Marauders". Is there anyway both of them can be print releases?

Project Venice said...

C'mon, that Pileated Nylon peice is awesome! Hands Down!