Monday, December 08, 2008


it was for sure the strangest and most transformational year i've had as an artist/designer. we began packing up the studio on sunday for the move to portland by the end of the month. i'm deeply looking forward to portland and having a symbolic new years celebration start to 2009.


Christian L. said...

oh wow. isnt Bainbridge your hometown area? but thats pretty cool your moving it to Portland. im guessing your gonna present your work and kick it alot around the Compound and Upper Playground? that'd be ill. those are good guys.

keep makin beautiful artwork, an hope the move is smooth.

-Christian LaVeyra

Dyroza said...

is this due to limited addiction getting a new ownership?

Anonymous said...

Limited Addiction isn't getting a new ownership- it's just a name change. Dave has always been the owner.

Hi Blaine,
I want to wish you a beautiful new beginning in Portland. May the clouds and kites of the sky bless you with inspiration as you tell the stories you've been given to tell.

Anonymous said...

This is off the topic of this blog-I wanted to say thank you again for the sketch you did in my sketchbook last year. I hope you don't mind, I posted it on my blog- it was an incredible experience for me. You have influenced me greatly with your artwork.

If you get a second, I invite you to see some of my work on my blog.

Thanks for the memory.

Anonymous said...

hey blaine

this is scott erickson... your three week assistant from back in the day.
hope you're well. i check your blog periodically and saw that you are headed to portland. congrats. i hope that's a good move for you. my in-laws are in portland and i'm there a lot. cool art scene. affordable living. holly and i have contemplated that move ourselves...

and congrats on your wedding! you've got an awesome wife (like i need to tell you) and i hope the best for you two. i just hit three years myself. what a ride....

anyway.... keep doing what your are doing. i really appreciated those couple days i got to hang with you and eugenie. it taught me a lot (if that's hard to believe) about journey, technique, and longevity in a field i love and hope to continue in my whole life. and it was fun to get to know one of my favorite artists better.

merry christmas.
and cheers.


haley ➵ ann said...

WOOT go OTIS in Portland! Excited to see your work here!

NAVIS said...

Didn't you just move to Bainbridge? Why the move to Portland?