Monday, November 30, 2009

Inaugural Opening Curating @ 19TEN Portland, OR

I'm thrilled to announce another creative endeavor to Fontana Studios. I was recently asked to be the curator of 19TEN. A private events space in North Portland, OR. Adjoind to The Hop & Vine, we will be hosting monthly art shows showcasing some of the Northwest's brightest and avant garde visual artists.

Zach Johsen's newest body of work deals with the human form and how it interacts with outside influences.. most notably the pull of nature and the world of ghosts and unseen energies. Much of his work implies an act of violence or revulsion amongst something cute and cuddly. It is a sea of stuffed animals filled with cacti. It is a lollipop that tastes like tar and oil. It is a moment of pure revelation while drinking your morning coffee or tea. It is a sudden realization that everything we deal with on a day to day isn't all that there is. That there is in fact, so much more around us if we open our senses to it.


1910 N Killingsworth
Portland, OR 97217
5pm - 9pm
Sunday, December 6th
*show runs till december 30th
*available for appointment only after opening

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