Wednesday, December 30, 2009

19TEN: Presenting the art of Jesse Reno

19TEN is Overlooks only gallery featuring Portland's brightest and youngest talents. Come join us for the reception featuring the work of portland artist, Jesse Reno.

Curated by Blaine Fontana

1910 N Killingsworth
Portland, OR 97217
6pm - 9pm
Artists reception:
Saturday 6 - 9 pm January 2nd

Show runs:
January 2nd - January 28th
*available for appointment
only after opening

curated by Blaine Fontana

About Jesse Reno's latest work:

In the latest series of paintings by Portland-based artist Jesse Reno, shamanic beings struggle to find their place in a world simultaneously on the verge of expanding and collapsing. Totem animals and Native American figures reverberate memories of people who once lived as one with nature. Marked by symbols, these figures seek their dreams in the growth of trees and the passing of spirits. On their quest to find their true selves, they collect feathers and relics left by past encounters and past lives. They learn to transcend the boundaries of the rational world evolving into a collage of what they have become and encountered. In this body of work, Reno presents us with a journey leading inward to ultimately expand outward: "If you have moved wisely your dreams will still grow when you are gone."

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