Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the Letraset collection

upon moving into the new studio I finally organize my rare collection. I came upon these at my art school senior year. there was a 15' wide closet filed balls to walls with thousands of these things. and get this...they were going to throw them away. so my wife and I pilaged the collection withas much as we can carry. having them organized now, I released the hounds and reintroduced these back into my recent work.

if you ate scratching your head, these are those little rub off letters you'll find at art stores. except my collection is macho city, with dingbats, patterns, and NUMEROUS fonts.

Posted by ShoZu


MJC *-* said...

This is an awsome closet!! You can keep all your sketches / paintings safe there!

Urban Soule said...

OH! I just felt a huge wave of jealousy come over me!