Monday, June 14, 2010

Photos from Open studio event

Last Friday night, we hosted along with over a dozen other studios in the building, an open house event. It seemed like well over 300 people came through that evening. In a rare opportunity to open my doors to the public, it was surreal as much as it was a pleasure to meet numerous fans, and guests. A "good time: band of 10 even rocked the entire night right down the hall from us. Dj's, kegs, wine, art and performance was brimming all around the building.

the early crowd

i live for these little moments

"and a dash of humanity compliments your pizza painting"

with my neighbor, friend, and fellow talented artist in front of his installation in his studio, Zach Johnsen

my buddy and apprentice Noah Thorne

studio mate Tatina Wills of famed Heroes & Villains and Matt the curator from Compound Gallery

we had a projector on deck showing random projects from all four of us all night

it was a beutiful evening in Portland. the view from our office window

sophie, the elevator ambassador was on hand all night

with out her, i'd be lost


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these pics- I wish i could've been there. Also- Lunch with you was awesome. Thanks for the memory.

scott belcastro said...

Looking at someone's studio is relaxing in a way.