Monday, June 06, 2011

Brand New Website and Blog Feed

Eugenie and I have been tirelessly updating, formating, coding, and collapsing all our art and design from the last 10 years into one behemoth site. Through this new website, we have combined the fine art, design, wood working, store and consulting into one user friendly website. Its a wordpress format we customized intensely. Thus, this blog will no longer be updated. Our new website is a Blog and Studio portfolio site. I'll be keeping this blog( up for about a year for archiving purposes.

In celebration of this new web launch, we are also offering 20% off all prints for the month of June. We have also printed the last 2 paper pieces as giclees from the "I Dream of" series that was debiuted in Tokyo, Japan in November 2010, and just last month, heavily featured in the most recent Hi•Fructose Magazine.

Please subscribe to this new feed:

& Enjoy our new site!!!

Blaine Fontana


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