Tuesday, March 06, 2007

so my friend and i have finally casted the entire set of nestkeepers, i will be slowly but surely releasing these on my store section as they finish. we had already casted and sold the first 8 back in september 06 at the lineage gallery opening. if you are really serious about getting one, i would suggest emailing me and i'll send you a money request through paypal to secure your order. this is the last 22 of the 30 that were casted, the mold has been destroyed and will not and can not be used again.

you can see the first completed 8 here:

the painting that inspired these figures


Unknown said...

I want one Blaine. hopefully they'll be done before you depart for WA state.

Silent Bee said...

Hey..that's the painting you were working on in the back of your 'sedimental promises' book. Nice..anyhow, how much are the figures gonna go for?

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