Monday, July 13, 2009

Society 6

Several months back I was exposed to the Society6 website through one of my gallerists. It took me a second to understand the vision to this site, but with a little time and abstract thinking it is now my favorite creative networking site out there. What sets them apart from all others is that they have an exceedingly accessible grant system that you can apply for and garnish nominations through the network. They go a step further with hosting some of the brightest and progessive studios, companies and publications offering a leg up to aspiring creatives. Now what really puts this site over the top is the seamless interface and design. Its also generous with image size content, a polarization from numerous others with snooty miniscule icons, artwork and typography. I have discovered so many unseen talent through their unique chart system. Users "promote" posts that will after a certain number of votes land them on the home page or one of the coveted "curators" section.

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