Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Portland Artists

Since making my new home in Portland, OR about 7 months ago, the local art walks have been a regularity for me every month. With 3 walks within a week of each other, by the last one one I'm pretty exhausted but brimming with inspiration.

First, is the last thursday in NE on NE Alberta. This is actually more street fair than artwalk, far more bohemian, vibrant and DIY. The city closes the street with hundreds of vendors on about 10 blocks. One of the must go to galleries is the Together Gallery. They show a lot of local talent and display mostly progressive folk art. Seth and Timothy, both brilliant artists, are genuine dudes who run a very passionatte gallery. I love how anyone can just pick a squat and sell their art or crafts on the sidewalk.

The second, first friday, takes place in the Pearl District in downtown. This has more of the conservative, bigger and "safer" galleries. Where it does host a lot of what i call "sofa art", photography and other respectful openings, there are a few gems down there. Upper Playground PDX, Compound Gallery, Igloo Gallery.

Lastly is first friday. Held on E Burnside, this hosts numerous little boutiques, and several galleries with a young, experimental, and playful vibe. One of my regular galleries I frequent is the Breeze Block Gallery. Paige, the owner and curator sells a handful, but potent art & graff related products. She is always a delight to see and is the reel deal when she displays here passion for the arts.

I'll be doing my best from now on to show the best and brightest art from the future artwalks. But for now, I'd like to share some of the secret talent that resides here. On my first walks I was really blown away by the integrity many posses. Coming from LA, I was very used to artists who are to enveloped in the notoriety and fame. I don't find that with the local scene, it and it is a welcomed breath of fresh air. Below are some of the artists I've been taken back by.

Nas Chompas

Meg Adamson

Keenan Havens


Joe Shea

Tom Keating

Sheldon Skillie

Mark Warren Jacques

Brent Wick

Paige Saze

Catherine Schaper


Josh Nix said...

thanks for showing me Keenan Havens work i am going to have to check it out.

brokeMC said...

thanks for sharing! shit is dope.

Unknown said...

hello, i was surprised to find my work on your blog and on juxtapoz's site. I've been meaning to update my blog for a while, but in the mean time you can see a few more of my images at haidaarttoday.blogspot.com

Blaine Fontana said...

Sheldon, thanks for your url, i've updated your info on your content. hope you and i bump into each other soon.