Monday, August 10, 2009

Dan Hopkins Collection Show

I stumbled upon this over the weekend and really wish I could be there. Several years back I had the pleasure of making Dans acquaintance and having him over at the studio in Long Beach, CA. He and I kept in frequent contact over 2005 & 2006, He has an overwhelming appetite for art and his true passion for it is a contagious trait. If you are near Rhode Island or can make the trip, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you visit this private collection that will be at the Montanaro Gallery for a short while. Opportunities like this rarely come along, so take advantage.

via northeast surfing
visit below for more info

some of my work in dans collection:


Johnny said...

man! those koi ones are AWESOME. specially the first one. OMG. awesome work.

Project Venice said...

Yea, that first one is espesically my fav, any chance you could do a print of that?

Jyll Ethier-Mullen said...

this is in my state- you've made it to little RI!