Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nestkeepers Completed

Its exactly 2 years to the day when I completed the first 8 of these, I have finally completed the remainder 22. These were done with an Otis Alumni brother, Daniel Garcia from the Toy department. I sculpted the prototype, and then he applied his talents with the wax pen on the second cast, then the 2 of us casted the finals together. I then hand painted each one and added sculptural elements like manzanita branches, birds, nests etc., to make each one totally unique. Its a solid silicon cast, each one is about 5" tall - 10" tall.

I've also posted the painting my little darlings were inspired by.

The final photos are at this link below and are now available.


Blaike Alexandra said...

They are insane! I've been waiting to see pictures of each of them for a while now! Congrast!

Pete said...

These are incredible!! Always a pleasure to see the amazing things you put out... keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Awesome creativity Blaine! And commitment

Thomas Wang said...

goosebumps, i have goosebumps, this is creativity beyond the sprites level.